Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

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How to Advertise

From as little as £27 per month you can reach up to 25,000 potential customers. What better value for money is there?

You will also be reaching the customers near you rather than having to travel further afield. Saving time, fuel and helping the environment!

To advertise please click one of the Links below.
Please note, the prices reflect a re-occurring advert paid by Direct Debit and one-off adverts will cost more.
(1column = 3cm approx.)

4 cm x 2 columns – @ £27.00 per month: BOOK

Eighth of Page 7 cm x 3 columns – @ £67.33 per month: BOOK

Quarter Page 14 cm x 3 columns – @ £120.49 per month: BOOK

Half Page 14 cm x 6 columns – @ £226.80 per month: BOOK

Full Page 28cm x 6 columns @ £396.90 per month: BOOK

Want a different size?
We can accommodate many different sizes of adverts within our page layout of 28cm x 6 columns (a column is approx. 3cm wide). therefore we can work to any required budget.

Want to pay for a full year of advertising?
Yes you can! Receive an additional 10% saving for paying upfront.
Please email:

Setting up the Direct Debit confirms you agree to our TOC for a minimum of three months. To cancel your agreement please notify us by email one full month before the next edition deadline.

Please email: