Established in 1994 with a readership of over 50,000 the advertising magazine known as The District Advertiser, a full A4 magazine, has grown to become a respected tool for businesses to make themselves known to their potential clients and is the first port of call for readers if they require local services.

First came the Southam District Advertiser in 1994, then followed by its sister publications the Daventry District Advertiser and the Kineton and Wellesbourne District Advertiser.
By using this successful format throughout the three publications, businesses are able to expand their customer base with virtually cast-iron results.

With a total circulation of over 22,500 advertisers, hand delivered directly to homes and businesses (& available in public outlets and online) we ensures your message is continually delivered to the people that matter.

Our circulation area and contents is aimed to maximise local business potential and fulfill our readers requirements, therefore reducing your or our readers travel time, and to reduce competition from other towns. It is well documented that customers will only travel a certain distance to get goods or services.

District Advertisers is committed to helping develop local businesses in our area.

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