Where is Southam or the country heading?

As a businessman I continually assess my businesses and to try and forecast where the business will be in the short, medium and long term. Without a crystal ball that actually works, this is like gambling your life savings away every time you make a decision.

We are always being thrown a curved ball by someone or other, weather it is the government through legislation, the EU by allowing migrants to come into our country, Staff sickness or competition from sources you don’t expect.

But what really made me think, was the knock at the door, when my wife’s deliveries arrived. Father Christmas not on a slay but in a white van. I asked if he was busy, he answered “This time last year, he delivered 30 parcels a day, 6 days a week, this year he is working 7 days a week delivering over 200 parcels a day, and the company has twice as many vans on the road”.

Then half an hour later the door bell went again and this time Tesco’s arrived with the Turkey and all the wine and food for Christmas.

The internet is exploding with now over 25% of households with broadband. Not only giving access to the World Wide Web, but allowing free telephone call anywhere in the world.

This growing figure of internet users is changing the face of Britain and the world forever. Every town and village in Britain has or will be creating a Design Statement what they want their area to look like in the next 20 years. But who can forecast, this unprecedented change in lifestyle and economy whether local, nationally or the world.

Most statements will probably include that they want a more variety in local shops. But where will they come from or how long will they survive?

But consider the following:-
Online trading will become the norm-

Britain is said to be a nation of shop keepers and that the largest employer is the small business. I myself employ 12 local staff.

Just before Christmas it was announced that large numbers of local post offices will close. You can even buy and print stamps from the internet.

Tesco a large multinational has over 30% of retail trade and they are expanding by entering any market sector which they brand name gives them an advantage. This includes insurance, banking, clothes, telecommunications, furniture, Stationery and the list goes on. But Tescos aren’t the only big names that are doing this Virgin, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Argos and many more. These multinationals have the benefit of sourcing their goods abroad in China or Thailand which does not help our economy or employment. These companies are making massive profits so they can employ the best of the best to make them even bigger and can plough massive finances into their web design.

On-line trading will put pressure on all local shops and businesses. In this fast world of today, how many of us have used the internet for insurance, banking, ordering food, download music and now e-books, order flowers….Why would you the reader who uses the internet to order goods, visit www.budgens.co.uk , www.co-op.co.uk or www.acorn.co.uk instead of www.tesco.com especially when you could get all the other products that is available at the same time. So even if these local small businesses have an ecommerce website, would people use it in sufficient numbers?

How many of us sell items on ebay. The growing number of people turning goods in to cash is ever increasing, so much so people make a living out of this. But how many of them declare this as an income to the government. Now with the EU allowing many more thousands to enter our country, some employers will initially benefit from this cheaper staffing resource, but for how long will the country go on. Last year it was stated that thousands of companies went to the wall, consider if local shops like Southam Video and other businesses throughout the country close their doors, putting millions on the dole, who then in turn cannot pay for their essentials or indeed their mortgages. What will that do to the property market or the shops or businesses that have survived? Banks will be forced to put up interest rates that will put more home owners at risk.

No business sector is safe from this potential threat, Property, Leisure, Retails and all Service Sectors-even publications like this will cease to exist in paper form. All will be affected, is it just a matter of time and to what extent. This spiralling effect may make Britain and other countries implode on themselves, crime will increase and anarchy will reign. The biggest employers will probably be the police and army govern by the big multinationals.

It seems all doom and gloom, but as I said no one has a working crystal ball. I can’t say it will happen this year or the next few years but I do think the writing is on the wall. We are all worried about climate change within the next 100years; perhaps we should be more concerned on our own local well being within the next five or ten years. Since if we all look after our own piece of Little Britain then the whole of Britain and the World will benefit. The trouble is, individuals cannot force people to change a national trend.

As a businessman that embraces technology I am always looking for new opportunities and I’m sure similar business owners are doing the same to try and stem this growing threat. Opportunities exist even for individuals to make millions within a very short time with the right idea. But what will become of the main population. How will the government collect taxes to pay for the unemployed?

We must make the most of what we have and use any future innovation to survive. I’m sure some readers will think I’ve lost my marbles, but if I have made you think and maybe make you put pen to paper to comment on my article for or against it may have been of some good.

By the way you can do this on the internet www.districtadvertisers.co.uk and follow the links to “News” and “Southam Voice” where you can post a reply or even start your own topic.

This article has been kindly written by Peter Crosby

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