Warwickshire Murders

Kevin Turton has written a fascinating reappraisal for some of the most brutal and gruesome killings in the county’s history, where a guilty verdict would send the killer to the scaffold.

Among the stories included is the case of Edwin James Moore, who set fire to his mother after an argument over supper in 1907, the Coventry bombings of 1939 and Thomas Ball, who was poisoned by his wife in 1848. This is a must read book for true crime enthusiasts and a unique study of the darker side of the county’s past.

Here is a review from a avid book worm from The District Advertisers.
This is an excellent book which has been well researched and written using contemporary documents, trial manuscripts, newspaper accounts and modern photographs. Here, the writer takes you on a journey into some of Warwickshire’s murky past.

Covering murders from the mid- nineteenth to mid- twentieth century and from locations which are instantly recognizable, the writer describes in detail the background of the people involved, possible motives and the outcome of any trial.

Each chapter is gripping and amongst the stories I was transfixed by were the cases of Elizabeth Brandish from Ettington who in 1897 murdered her own child in order to make a good marriage and by a murder in Ladbroke in 1926. Another case I found gripping was the story of a famous inspector from Scotland Yard who came up against rumours of witchcraft and superstition in Upper Quinton.

If you like local history or true crime, this book makes excellent, absorbing reading and if like me you like the two combined, then you will find this a joy to read.

Kevin Turtons book is published by Sutton for £12.99

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