The garden is approaching its most exciting period and this time is thought of by many gardeners as one of the best and certainly busiest times in the garden. Planting can begin is earnest but remember that even with Global Warming, late frosts can occur early in the month so don't rush in with frost tender bedding schemes too early. Also keep an eye on watering during cold dry spells.

Monthly Reminders
Roses - continue regular spraying to control black spit and other diseases. Greenfly will become a problem this month so try one of the combined pesticides to control both insect and diseases,

Alpine and Rockery Plants - theses will be showing excellent colour this month and an increased range is on sale at Farmborough.

Herbaceous Perennials - this is an excellent time to plant or add to your herbaceous border. Contanier grown plants can now, be found, including ranges of Herbaceous Geraniums, Hostas and Iris. We also stock a wide range of decorative grasses, bombow and ferns.

Trees and Shrubs - this month is very colourful where trees and shrubs are concerned and here at Farmbourogh we stock a massive selection including some semi mature specimens. if you need advice, just ask any member of staff, they will be pleased to help.

Fruit Trees - why not consider fruit trees, our range includes dwarf and patio varieties for smaller gardens.

Dont't forget that plums and cherries can be pruned later this month and next. This is done in spring and summer because these fruits are vulnerable to silver leaf disease that enters through wounds. Cuts heal quicker at this time of year helping to prevent infection.

Vegetables - most vegetable seed can be sown out of doors this month. Sow in short rows at intervals to ensure spaced cropping. Many vegetable plants are now on sale at the centre and can be planted out. Our range includes cabbage, calabrese, cauliflower. sprouts, lettuce, several onions, celery and many more.

Greenhouse Crops - vegetables can now be planted out, even in unheated greenhouses, providing fleece is used during very cold spells. A full range of Tomatoes, cumbers; Peppers, Melons, Aubergines and many other are now on sale at Farnborough.

Baskets and Containers - now is the time to plant or replant those baskets arri contsitaera. Try out Geraniums, Fuchsias, trailing Petunias, marguerite, Pansies, Begonias along with trailing and bedding plants from Farnborough where plants are now on sale in a vast range of varieties. Don't forget to protect baskets and containers overnight if frost is expected.

If you are looking for new pots or containers come and visit our newly expanded pottery display area where we have literally thousands of pots for sale.

Ponds - we have extended our Aquatic plant area this year and hope you will find this an improvement when selecting new or replacement plants for your pond. We also stock new range of pond plant containers, aquatic soil, barley straw and pond plant fertiliser

"Something Old ? Something New" Looking good. this month at Farnborough Garden Centre

Coming into leaf:

Fuchsias - A new range of theses attractive shrubs and small trees now available and just coming into leaf including miniature flowering varieties Encliandra and Triphylla types will be arriving this month;

Clematis - A new range now in stock including some unusual varieties.

Viburnum - Our range of larger specimens is looking excellent with some attractively vented types.

Stoneware items increased our range of stoneware items including a new selection of reconstructed Cotswold stone tubs, ornaments and birdbaths.

May is one of the most important planting months in the calendar so why not pay a visit to Farnborough Garden Centre on the A423 Southaw Road, Nr Farnborough, Banbury. We shall be pleased to meet you and think that you will be pleased with the extensive range of plants and gardening items now on display.

This article has been kindly written by Pete from Farnborough Garden Centre.

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