July A, time to relax and enjoy your garden

July A, time to relax and enjoy your garden. 'this month' should be a month of blue skies and sunshine together with rich growth. The emphasis is now on weeding and watering. Speaking of water the pond or water garden is now at its best, especially the water lilies. This is a great time for garden lovers so don't forget that this is also a good time to visit other gardens.

Monthly reminders
Flower gardens keep up the deadheading: Hoe and weed beds and borders regularly to control weed growth and, open up soil surface. If you have any empty spots now is the time to fill them with now herbaceous pot grown plants or clumps of annual bedding plants for colour. These are still available at Farnborough.

Water Gardens - There is still time, to add new plants this month and existiug plants should be kept neat and tidy. Don't forget to keep an eye on water levels and top up regularly~ particularly if you have fish. Some pond sufer oxygen shortage so spray surface if you don't have, a waterfall or fountain to help, oxygenate the water.

Hedges - Trim conifer hedges to keep under control and thicken growth, especially Leylandii. Cut beech. hornbeam and holly hedges later in the month
Pots and Containers - To ensure displays last well into Autumn water and feed baskets and containers regularly. During hot spells water twice a day, preferably morning and evening This is important even when it rains since lush foliage can prevent raindrops reaching the container or basket. Keep dead heading and pruning as required to ensure continuation of flowering and stop seed heads forming. If you want to add to your displays we still have baskets and containers available and looking good at Farnborough

Lawns - Keep mowing and trimming but raise blades during long dry spells to retain more leaf area and help grass cope better. Try leaving grass box off during dry spells to allow clippings to mulch lawn. If you feel you must water established lawns resist as long as possible and restrict watering to once a week. Grass on established lawns may brown in hot weather but will normally recover quickly when it rains New lawns are a different matter and should not a allowed to dry out for too long. especially newly laid turf. Watering grassed areas will be difficult if a hosepipe ban is in force.

Garden Birds - Make sure bird baths and drinking fountains are kept topped up this month to ensure birds have access to water¬ especially during dry spells.

Roses - Deadhead roses carefully don't just snap off flower but cut back to a bud in a lower leaf axil to encourage new growth, and continuous display. Feed to help new growth using a purpose made rose food. Keep an eye on pests and disease and continue with a regular spray routine. if required.

Vegetables Keep well watered to prevent bolting and encourage growth. why not try one of the `Leaky Pipe' systems which are not too expensive and direct water where it is needed. These can also be attached to a battery timer to water at night. We have them at Farnborough if you decide to try one. Harvest vegetables regularly and eat when young and taste is best.

Plants looking good and on sale at Farnborough this month

Japanese Accra - a wide range is still available with really attractive foliage at present
Roses - our roses are looking really good at present with lush growth and many flowers.
Clematis - Full range of strong plants and many varieties.
Lilies - really gorgeous at present, but don't let them stain your clothes
Tree Ferns - large and small and just unrolling their lush green head growth.

All of our trees and shrubs are in full, leaf and looking good, our ranges have been extended and many new varieties added.

Many people are adding containers to the patio or decking areas to provide extra colour this month so don't forget that we havo a massive range of stone, timber and terracotta on sale here at Farnborough Garden Centre with many at special offer prices.

Our range of stoneware, sundials and birdbaths has also increased and is available is a choice of finishes.

We now have a small range of garden furniture, parasols, gas patio heaters and chimineas on display, so why not pop along to look around, we are always pleased to see you

This article has been kindly written by Farnborough Garden Centre

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