Pete's Piece - Down the Garden Path - March 2011

The month of March: Quite often a time of real surprises in the garden with beautiful spring weather one day then back to real winter the next. By the end of the month, however, it becomes finally clear that the pace of life in the garden is quickening, and the new season has definitely arrived.

Monthly reminders:
Bare Root Trees, Shrubs and Hedging complete planting of bare root plants as soon as possible this month, and remember to keep a check on watering as short, cold but dry spells, coupled with wind can soon dry out both plants and soil. A full range of bare root hedging is still available at Farnborough.

Manures and Fertilisers
Now is a good time to apply manure and/or fertilisers to both vegetable plots and, flower or shrub beds. Remember that in general organic fertilisers release nutrients slowly, whereas inorganic release their food more speedily. Try not to over fertilise rich soils, but concentrate on worn out ground.

Herbaceous Plants
This month will see a wider range of these plants on sale at Farnborough, and March is a good time to commence planting. Remember, however, that the dreaded slug becomes more active this month and it loves new/young growth. Start slug control measures now. Onion Sets & Shallots - These are on sale and can be planted this month. Try last month’s tip of warming the soil with fleece covering or cloches.

Summer Bulbs & Tubers
Start planting these this month, some outdoors and some indoors depending on variety. The range on sale here has increased and includes both small, medium and large varieties, all producing colourful and exotic flowers. Young Plants and Seedling - If you follow earlier tips you would have decided which plants to grow from seed and which to buy as seedlings or young plants. A good range of container, basket and bedding plants are now available. This year all our seedlings are supplied as individual plug grown plants to ensure minimum root disturbance on transfer to pots or trays. Grow these plants on now in heated greenhouse, conservatory or windowsill for an early start in tubs and baskets.

Unfortunately the annual task of mowing is likely to begin this month, but make sure the blades are set higher to give light cuts initially.

Garden Birds
If you want to encourage birds to nest in your garden you need to position nest boxes without delay as they are now selecting nesting sites. Carry on feeding especially during cold spells.

If you have a greenhouse and intend to provide heating to grow on some early plants, don’t forget to use a good greenhouse disinfectant to clear away disease and fungus spores before introducing new p1ants and seedlings to the area. Patio Pots - Keep an eye out for water logging and make sure pots are lifted onto legs or blocks. The early spring bedding of pansies, violas, primroses and polyanthuses look really colourful now and will keep those containers looking good right up until summer bedding can be planted to replace them.

Plants looking good Corylus Avellana ‘Contorta’
the twisted stem hazel looks good with long gold catkins on bare stems.. Daphne Mezereum - beautifully perfumed pink flowers clustered on bare stems.

Salix Caprea ‘Kilmarnock’
“ a small weeping tree with masses of pussy-willow type grey to golden catkins. Forsythia - a bright, cheerful, easy to grow shrub with rich yellow flowers on bare stems. Chaenomeles - the old fashioned japonica now available with flowers of rich red, orange, pink or white - excellent in borders or as a wall shrub.

Spring Flowering Bulbs
All are now showing rich colour from small crocuses, species daffodils, tulips large and small as well as many other less well known species. Some are available as pot grown plants, but for a really big display plant in the autumn. Our new season plants are now becoming ready for sale and our displays are changing. Starter plants for tubs and baskets are on sale together with plug-grown seedlings in a selection of varieties.

We have a massive new range of Terracotta pots and containers together with Fiberclay planters and glazed earthenware pots in all manner of shapes and sizes. The indoor pot and pot cover displays are fully stocked as is the houseplant area. We have many new plants and products on sales this season including lovely brass door knockers, sundials and our “Treasured Teddies” display which includes a new range of cuddly companions as well as collectors’ bears and fun gifts.

We are all working hard to ensure that we are ready to welcome you during the new season.

This article has been kindly written by Farnborough Garden Centre

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