Christmas seems to fly past so quickly

Well folks here we are in January 2007 - The Christmas Turkey has now been consumed, having been served Christmas Day, with salad and pickles on Boxing Day and anything left over nicely dispatched in a curry to disguise the taste of Turkey on the 27th!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the festivities, as with other years, we have a long build up and then it seems to fly past so quickly. It will be Easter next.

On a personal note, I would like to thank friends and acquaintances who thanked me for the article about Marie. It was written, from the heart and was lovely to know it was well received.

As we head into 2007, The Southam District Advertiser begins its thirteenth year, the team here is set to be very busy. 2006 saw our best year with an increase of nearly 10% to our 2005 figures for the Southam Advertiser, which is why we are always full to the brim in our 36 page advertiser. We anticipate that we will have to go to a regular 40 pages during 2007. This increase has allowed us to put new resources into our website, which is now fully featured with Online - Free ads, Situation Vacant, Property, Noticeboard, Local News and Southam Voice - this is where members of the public can post topics that others can read and comment on. The SBC Local Business Directory is well on the way, but we still need to get all local businesses to enter their details – IT’s FREE.

The website currently has over 35,000 hits per month, so businesses could be missing out on vital free leads. If you need to find a local business just simply type in a keywords like” Computer or Electrician” in the search bar and up will pop the local companies that can help you. Our business strategy is to help local businesses and the local community by minimising competition from surrounding towns. We are continually looking at ways of improving our magazine, even to the extent of going glossy full colour, but in doing this it would have an impact on advertising cost which we believe most of our advertisers would be against not to mention the paper boys/girls having to deliver heavier magazines. We are open to any suggestions that will benefit either our publications or website. With a total of 22,500 copies hand delivered to individual homes and businesses together with our website, we are leading the way where only others can hope to follow!

January 2007 brings forth a New Year, full of New Year Resolutions, mostly to do with our waist lines. Fitness 4 you with Saul Winwood Personal Trainer would be an ideal way of shedding those extra pounds. For those of you who are not so worried about your weight, than take a look at our Wine and Dine page. There is a good selection of pubs and restaurants, offering a lovely lunch or evenings out. Of course remember that both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be upon us before we know it, so it’s well worth booking a table at your chosen venue as soon as you can.

We have introduced a Free Valentines Message board onto our website for those romantics who want to do something different to pledge their love. Also we are having a “Valentines Page” in our February issue but deadline for inclusion is the 29th January, Please enter details onto the website and tick the “include in SDA” box (Cost £10). We wish all our readers a prosperous and Happy New Year.

This article has been kindly written by District Advertisers

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